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She lost her memory. She is in a barren planet with no water, no greenery, and not even air.
Her spaceship is broken, malfunctioning.
Food is scarce. ......
The girl stands alone. She looks at the barren land as far as she can see.
-Who am I?
-Where did I come from, alone?
  For what, and to where?
Starving and in fear for her life, the girl now understood that she has lost her memory.
Using what little communication tool was left on the spaceship, she sent a message.
"Anyone? Please... Save me...”
Aimless... She had no idea where she was calling to, but hoped desperately that it would reach anyone.
For days, and for days...
But every time, her voice got swallowed into the darkness.
The girl, on the verge of her despair, nods off and finally collapse.
Then she relaxes and closes her eyes.
She sees a dream.
A dream about a day long, long past...
A scene of sorrow when she can’t recall. ---
--- On that day, at that time.
In the darkness at the edge of the universe.
It was a flash at the beginning, just a flicker.
But the small light and the slight heat spread faster than her perception.
“The big bang”
The light waves, which became much intense as they spread out, destroyed the ecosystems of many "green planets" scattered throughout the universe.
--The "HUMANS" that lived on a “green planet” were saddened and heartbroken. They were spared from the explosion, but they saw their brother planets die.
And so, the HUMANS decided.
To revive the “green planet”.
She suddenly awakes from the dream.
She opens her eyes, where she sees the land of dry sand.
While sleeping, she feels like she saw something while dreaming.
But what kind of dream was it?
Only the tears flowing and spilling from her eyes knew her true heart.
--Am I going to die in this planet...?
Giving up from my providence...
A sudden flashback. She remembers.
Her journey has started with one important mission in her heart.
Sleeping in a cryogenic sleep capsule, she was traveling somewhere for many years.
But now, she has forgotten it.
It should have been very, very important... “I'm starving...”
Just when she said this.
A box labeled "PREMA," inside the spaceship, began to glow.
With surprise, she rose, and gently reached for the glowing PREMA.
Then the farming tools popped out, "plant seeds," "shovel," "water," and more.
As the girl rolls her eyes, she hears sound from PREMA, interrupted and mingled with the noise.
With a roll, “...Now you got here!...Do your mission...In this planet!...
Revive the planet... You can do it!”
She didn’t remember the voice, but the moment she heard, one of her memories came back to her.
“Yes...I came here to revive the abandoned planet.”
She took a step forward.
To bring back greenery, water, and air to the planet.
This is a story of a girl and the rebirth of the stars.