Game description

Basic game process

Players use PIAS tokens to purchase NFT farmland (land), NFT farmers (avatars), NFT farmland items (warehouses, fertilizers, plastic houses, heaters, power sprayers, etc.), and NFT farmer items (shovel, hoe, sickle, truck, etc.) The goal of the game is to produce better NFT crops using these items.
The game will be played in sets of day and night phases.
  • l During the day phase, the players take care of the crops by sowing seeds, watering, etc.
  • l During the night phase, vermin and pests attack the crops. By fighting them off, the crops are protected.
Each season consists of seven sets, and a competition is held at the end of each season.
The best NFT crops are exhibited and competed for ranking.
After the competition is over, the next season begins.


NFT Farmland (Land) and NFT Farmers (Avatar)

These items are essential to start the game. Items are purchased with PIAS tokens and activated to receive rewards. These items are not required for free play.

NFT farmland items and NFT farmer items

These items are designed to make gameplay more comfortable or advantageous. Items can be purchased in-game or on the PREMA platform using PIAS tokens. Each item has various parameters that determine the quality of the NFT crops produced. Durability is also set, and PIAS tokens are consumed to repair the item. In addition, there are also synthesis and Gacha.

Utility of NFT Crops

NFT crops can be used in the following two ways
  1. 1.
    Exhibit on the PREMA platform (conversion to real crops)
  2. 2.
    Exhibition at the Fair (entry in competitions)
Exhibit on the PREMA platform
The physical consumers of crops spend PIAS tokens to buy NFT crops on the PREMA platform, which are redeemable and can be exchanged for physical crops. The suppliers of the NFT crops receive PIAS tokens from physical consumers in exchange for the purchase.
Exhibition at the Fair
At the end of each season in the digital mode, a competition will be held by comparing the quality of NFT crops. The top players will be rewarded with PIAS tokens.

Physical Mode (to be implemented)

This mode is even more interactive with real life. The Physical Mode links the game with real life in terms of time flow and weather conditions. In addition, the real farmland, and the in-game NFT farmland will correspond one-to-one to provide a more realistic farming experience. So, to speak, our final goal is to achieve remote farming. The harvest from real farmland can of course be shipped through the PREMA platform.