Overview : Human Revival BCG "PIAS"

“PIAS" is a primary industry experience game themed on human revival that incorporates digital and physical crossover elements and is a BCG with the desire to make blockchain technology accessible to the public.
We believe that blockchain is an essential technology for enriching human life. However, as we are in the early days of blockchain technology, while its value is appreciated by some digital natives, its existence is not even acknowledged by the rest of the population. In fact, occasionally it is even considered untouchable due to the negative news that are reported daily. We believe that this is due to the nature of blockchain, which makes it difficult to perceive its benefits in real life.
Under these circumstances, what can be done to make people in the real life know about the benefits of blockchain technology? The answer we have come up with is “PIAS”. PIAS is a new type of BCG that is based in real life activities that does not conclude in digital world, as has been the case with previous BCGs.
Specifically, the game focuses on primary industry as our theme. The primary industry plays an essential role in the foundation of all industries and is fundamentally essential to human life, and in light of the various issues related to food around the world as defined in SDGs (Goals 2 and 15), it is an attractive area to address. Furthermore, by applying the makeup of a game, we aim to make people feel more familiar with the primary industry and remove psychological distance. Hearing this, you may think this is just a common game that converges within the digital world. We go one step further. The in-game items (NFT) obtained by players through gameplay can be exchanged for primary industry crops in the real world. This is where the first mentioned crossover between digital and physical is achieved.
In addition, primary industry crop farmers who provide the real crops will receive a portion of the revenue generated by PIAS. We promise to give back the revenue generated from PIAS for the development of primary industry.
Challenge to address social issues while playing the game. Isn't this BCG cool? We hope that you pick up PIAS and enjoy playing.
Finally, I would like to thank PREMA platform for being the most important piece of the solution to the crossover between the digital and physical worlds that we have been trying to materialize.


  • PIAS enable users to obtain real crops when they play the game.
  • Primary industry producers receive a portion of the revenue generated by PIAS.
  • In other words, PIAS is a crossover game between the digital and physical worlds.
  • This crossover is achieved by utilizing the PREMA platform.
  • PIAS is a challenge to social problems that humankind must overcome to continue to thrive sustainably.