PIAS is a fascinating content that can be enjoyed on its own, but by collaborating with "PREMA Platform" and "Samurai Guild Games", its attractiveness will enhance, and its ecosystem scalability will be unparalleled.

PREMA Platform

The PREMA Platform consists of PREMA X at the center, an NFT marketplace, and uses the PREMA Wallet and traceability system to connect NFTs with spaces such as metaverse, blockchain games and other URLs (Unreal Life, non-real world) that utilize NFTs, as well as physical products and spaces in real life. The metaverse comprising an original blockchain and e-commerce functionality is under development, which will contribute deeply to the scalability of PIAS. Also, PREMA Platform will be the most important partner in seamlessly connecting the PIAS experience to real life.
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Samurai Guild Games (SGG)

SGG is the largest gaming guild in Japan with 25,000 members. They are unique in its focus on education for playing BCG, making it a highly competitive gaming guild compared to traditional gaming guilds. SGG has attracted many KOLs who share its philosophy on education, including popular game players and administrators of existing game guilds, and its size continues to grow day by day. SGG is an indispensable partner in the expansion of the PIAS ecosystem since they lower the hurdles for new players to join PIAS.

Genki Co., Ltd.

Genki Corporation is a world-renowned Japanese game production company that has released several well-known IPs on video game consoles, including the "SHUTOKO BATTLE" series, the "KAIDO" series, the "KENGO" series, and the "FUUN SHINSENGUMI" series, and have recorded phenomenal unit sales.
The current BCG category is often described in the context of "making money". Thus, the gaming experience is considered as secondary, and that lightweight games are adequate for this purpose. PIAS aims to create a stir in this current BCG category, by delivering a rich and intense game experience equal to home videos. This is why we partnered with GENKI for game creation.

Partnership Projects

"Port3" is the bridge between Web2 and Web3. We are building a protocol to aggregate and standardize both off-chain and on-chain data to build a Social Data Layer that is universally accessible and powerful for Web3 use cases.
"Chamcha" is the future of NFT platforms that make buying, selling, and storing NFT assets easy and secure.Backed by blockchain technology and smart contract principles, Chamcha is your one-stop spot to ensure the safety and accessibility of your NFT assets.