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PIAS Token

PIAS Token (PIAS) is a digital asset that supports the "PIAS" tokenomics and conforms to BEP-20, the token specification for the BNB chain, with mature security performance, processing power, and various durability features.
Contract address
Name: PIAS
Ticker symbol: PIAS
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimals: 18

Utilities of the PIAS token

Enjoying the BCG "PIAS" game experience
Stamina recovery
Purchase of in-game items
Repair of in-game items
Synthesize in-game items
Changing the appearance of avatar
BCG "PIAS" in-game rewards
Purchase of crop NFTs listed on the PREMA platform
Logistics payments in the PIAS economies
Salary pool for primary industry workers
Investment pool for prospective technologies for the development of primary industry
▶︎ [NEW] Shopping with PIAS tokens on the PIAS original site.We are building an original PIAS e-commerce site that accepts PIAS tokens for payment. The e-commerce site will sell PIAS brand rice, fruits, and vegetables. We are also preparing to sell PIAS brand products on existing e-commerce sites such as Amazon before the construction of the original e-commerce site is completed. Please look forward to it.
▶︎ [NEW] Direct support for children's cafeterias and producers (farmers) using PIAS tokens .We have received many requests from people who share the vision of PIAS and are willing to cooperate with the PIAS project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you.
We have decided to open a window to directly support the children's cafeteria and producers (farmers) without having to wait for the BCG to be completed. We will also be offering a small gift in return for your support. Specific features will include the following (1)You can get a return gift (NFT, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc.) when you support us. (2)You can select children's cafeterias, producers, and regions you would like to support.

Deflation mechanism

In PIAS, we will implement a staking system. BCG players who stake tokens will enjoy a variety of benefits in the game. As "PIAS" matures as an attractive content, the number of BCG players staking is expected to increase, resulting in a decrease in the number of PIAS tokens circulating in the market.