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PIAS VC Introduction

Cryptogram Venture (CGV) is an excellent VC firm that was quick to see the potential of PIAS and decided to invest. The support from CGV was definitely worth it. The support from CGV will definitely boost PIAS' efforts and lead to global stability.
CGV Summary: About CGV FoF-Cryptogram Venture (CGV) CGVCGV FoF-Cryptogram Venture (CGV) is a Japan-based research and investment organization involved in cryptography." With a business philosophy of "research-driven investment," CGV has participated in initial investments in Republic, CasperLabs, AlchemyPay, Graph, Bitkeep, Pocket, Powerpool, and the Japanese government-regulated Yen stablecoin JPYW. Meanwhile, CGV FoF is a limited partner in Huobi Venture, Rocktree capital, Kirin fund, etc. From July to October 2022, we launched Japan's first TWSH, jointly supported by MEXT, Keio University, SONY, Softbank and other institutions and experts. The project was launched. CGV currently has branches in Singapore, Canada, and China.
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