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The future of PIAS

We connect PIAS to real life to promote innovation in primary industry and creating a better world, thus also provide more possibilities for the PIAS world.
Are you aware of global issues? Are you aware of the fact that if global population growth and climate change continues at the current process, food shortages will occur, and are you taking actions to address these issues? At present, up to 800 million people still go to bed hungry every night. With the world's population growing approximately 220,000 per day, there is a huge shortage of food. Among these, the supply of meat cannot be increased to sustain its rising demand, and we are on the brink of consuming unnatural meat.
PIAS was launched to address these global issues, and by playing PIAS, we can solve the world's rising food problems, hunger problems, poverty problems, resource crises, and other complex issues.
In the future, PIAS will reform primary industries (agriculture, forestry, and fisheries) in real life, not limited to gaming. To solve global issues, PIAS will develop technologies, invest, and act as the private sector version of the United Nations World Food Program.
Specifically, in order to sustainably provide food for people, we will use microorganisms, and create systems and botanical gardens for farming in space where there is vast land. This system can be applied to the Earth, Moon, and Mercury. The large farmland and the soil developed by PIAS will allow for sustainable cultivation and food system.
In addition, we also address food problems by developing healthy Artificial food that has the same texture and smell as the real products. For example, we are going to develop plant-based meat, or meat from which stem cells are harvested and cultured. Or maybe, gum chewing food that tastes like a course meal, yet gives you the same fullness and nutrient absorption as if you had eaten it. With this PIAS food development, we will change the world where people don’t need to suffer from starving.
In addition, we are going to invest in technologies and research institutions that share our passion to address these problems.
This invested pool is generated from the PIAS tokens accumulated in the treasury thanks to the player community of PIAS.
In addition, belonging to the PIAS community will result in a permanent distribution of food, with additional tokens distributed on a regular basis. Imagine a basic income. By joining the PIAS community, you can consume food produced in space by PIAS on a priority basis, and in the event of a disaster, you can support community members through donating food. The PIAS tokens accumulated in the treasury will not only promote high-tech production, but also contribute to the advancement of science and provide humanity with a high-tech, environmentally friendly, sustainable system.
The mid-term vision of PIAS is to merge not only agriculture with game, but also other primary industries such as forestry and fisheries. Just as by playing PIAS you get crops, in the upcoming version, by playing PIAS trees will be planted in desert, or fishes caught with eco-friendly methods will be delivered to the players. This system just like the original, PIAS tokens accumulated in the treasury will become salaries for primary industry producers!
In addition, the ecosystem will implement even more higher tech. For example, blockchain technology can be used to verify where the fish was caught (where it was processed, where it was opened, etc.). Also, to commemorate the birth of a child or a wedding by using NFT, a named sapling with proof of ownership (assume an efficient carbon dioxide-absorbing tree called an elite tree) will be planted in the real world, or a monument of yourself can be constructed in the real world.
And here is the important point: people in food insecure countries will receive food produced by farmers who have partnered with PIAS. This will be contributed from PIAS tokens accumulated in the treasury. The more players are there in the PIAS BCG, the more we can help people in food insecure countries and reduce the number of hungers.
In the earlier phase, PIAS community members will be eligible to design new NFTs, share primary industry ideas, and participate in high-tech agricultural, forestry, and fisheries experience. Through trial and error, community members will be encouraged to support the primary industry develop in a sustainable method. Active members will be granted special rolls and receive a salary from the Treasury. We are committed to community expansion: playing PIAS will bond primary industries and individuals, and create a narrative where individuals get concerned and act on global issues.
Why are we able to do this? It is because PIAS is organized by a team of primary industry experts, supported by members who truly want to solve primary industry problems. All our members have the passion and are acting to change the world from the primary industry. We sincerely hope that as the PIAS project progress, the primary industry will develop and that this project will become a solution that changes the world.